While the regular Weekly Housekeeping Services (Daily Housekeeping Tasks) are being carried out, we have a vast list of jobs to be undertaken by our staff on weekly basis at our clients’ location. These tasks are performed preferably on weekly off days or else are included in the job cards of our staff and are routinely performed so as to come in weekly schedule. The weekly housekeeping services include the under-mentioned tasks.

Deep Cleaning :

  • Stairways, Surrounding Common Areas, Terraces, Utility Rooms Ceilings, Walls, Partitions, utility rooms.
  • Toilets and Washrooms.
Window Glass Cleaning :

  • Interior & Exterior glass (where accessible) will be cleaned on both sides, throughout the building.
  • Dusting window- sills and blinds
Sanitizing :

  • Office Desk paper bins would be cleaned and sanitized
  • All washroom dustbins would be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized
  • All telephone instruments would be sanitized using disinfectants
  • Thorough washing of all walls and doors of all toilets with appropriate detergent and disinfect