Entellus Security and Allied Services Pvt Ltd offers highly dedicated and reliable Daily Housekeeping Services. We make sure that only the most reliable and efficient staff is hired for rendering services. The daily housekeeping services include the under-mentioned tasks.

Sweep Clean:

  • Damp Moping of tiles, vitrified floors, staircases and sidewalls.
  • Floors shall be free of dirt, mud, sand, footprints, liquid spills, and other debris.
  • Chairs, trash receptacles, and easily movable items shall be moved to clean underneath.
  • Sweep Clean of debris from walkways and driveways and hose clean them during appropriate climatic and water use conditions.
  • Sweep Clean of areas like common area, walkways, terrace, lifts, reception area etc.
Washroom Cleaning:

  • Thorough cleaning and sanitization of toilets, bathrooms, wash basins and shower facilities, using suitable non- abrasive cleaners and disinfectants.
  • All surfaces shall be free of grime, soap mud and smudges.
  • Cleaning of mirrors, glass doors, glass windows, etc.
  • Replacement of paper towels, toilet paper, and soap dispenser in all bathrooms shall be performed.
Trash Removal:

  • Emptying all waste paper baskets, ashtrays (if applicable) from all shop floor areas, and washing or wiping them dean with damp cloth, replacing plastic wastepaper basket linings and returning items where they were located.
  • All waste from waste paper baskets will be collected and deposited in the building’s waste containers.
  • Dry & wet garbage would be segregated and dumped into designated area within the premises.
Glass Surface Cleaning:

  • All glass at entrance doors of the premises would be cleaned using damp and dry method.
  • Glass tabletops (if applicable) and glass accessories would also be cleaned.
  • Removal of grease marks or fingerprints from glass counters and partitions. This cleaning is done using approved all purpose cleaner and lint free cloth or paper towels.
Damp & Dry Cleaning:

  • Wipe clean all tabletops of workstations, cubicles and other furniture and fixtures.

  • Collection, sorting and removal.