Our Expertise


ENTELLUS is one of the leading names that is acclaimed for rendering the most reliable yet affordable Maintenance & Upkeeping Services to the clients. We are assisted by a team of qualified professionals who specializes in offering the Maintenance & Upkeeping Services as per the requirements of the clients. All the issues related to troubleshooting, application, maintenance or support is covered under our offered Maintenance & Upkeeping Services.

This scope of work essentially indicates Maintenance & Upkeeping services pertaining to upkeep & smooth working of the equipment installed at the premises. Preventive Maintenance will be carried out for each & every equipment listed in this scope of work as per routine maintenance practices/OEM manuals.

Power Generation and Electrical Distribution System

  • Maintenance of transformers ‐ Monitoring of oil level, temperature & performing scheduled maintenance.
  • L T Panels, Distribution Boards ‐ Regular maintenance, vacuum cleaning of panels, visual inspection, insulation testing, testing of relays & contractors, cleaning of contacts and carrying out calibration for different equipment as and when required.
  • Diesel Generator Sets ‐ Operating the DG Set as per requirement and logging all parameters, routine checking in all respects. Cleaning and changing of air filters, oil filters, exhaust system checking & cleaning, governor checking & checking of battery condition & topping up of electrolyte in batteries, cleaning of radiator & topping of coolant will be carried out. Requisitioning for fuel oil, transformer oil etc.
  • Lighting Panels & Fixtures ‐ Trouble shooting & replacement faulty tubes/bulbs, fans, switches, socket MCBs, fuses etc. and other electrical accessories wherever possible.
Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning System


  • Rectification of leaky taps, cisterns
  • Replacement of taps and
  • Clearing clogged pipes, drains
  • Maintaining of garden sprinklers, hoses
  • Minor repairs to all plumbing accessories

Additional Services

  • Fountain & Water Pumps – Operations and maintenance of pumps like greasing, checking alignment, tightening & replacement of gland packing, cleaning
  • All Drainage System ‐ Checking and clearing drains choke
  • Replacement of washers, taps & other
  • Cleaning of fountains pumps, raw & filter water pumps, chiller pumps, submersible pumps, sump pumps

Minor Carpentry Repairs

  • Changing / replacement of door / cupboard locks, tower bolts, door closers
  • Tightening loose screws on hinges, furniture, self supports, pelmets
  • Replacement of chair
  • Repair, replacement of drawer slides & knobs/

Painting / Polishing Touch Ups

  • Paint ‐ touch up on scratches provided exact shades of paint available.
  • Polishing ‐ Using readymade available products g. Rubbing compound, Can lacquer spray, wax, polish etc.
  • Painting on services pipelines for color‐coding /

Minor Civil Jobs

  • Rough plaster, mortar, and concrete


Major break down maintenance and overhauling of the equipment will be coordinated with the OEM/Annual Maintenance


We provide proper & efficient engineering services in the premises by   deploying   sufficient   number   of    trained,    experienced and competent technical personnel. AII statutory requirements like EPF, ESIC will be met with. Necessary training to staff will be provided by ENTELLUS in house/on site as & when required.

  • Carry out day to day activities required in operations .
  • Operations and monitoring of Utility Services e q u i p m e n t , logging of all related parameter pertaining to the equipment, a s s e s s i n g t h e d ata a n d i n i t i at i n g n e c e s s a r y actions depending on the analysis of data/records.
  • Carry out maintenance services at specified intervals as per the OEM service/ operations
  • Coordinating with AMC contractors for break down maintenance & major overhauling required at
  • Continuous efforts will be made to minimize the down time of equipment

Materials Consumable & Spares

  • Inventory management of all consumables & spares which are provided by
  • Coordinating with the suppliers for regular supplies of such
  • material, Inspection and checking of material (spares & consumables) and forwarding invoice for payments.
  • Efforts will be made to reduce inventory
  • In case of AMCs, the spares required will be governed by the nature of

Annual Maintenance Contracts

  • AMCs will be required for some critical equipment depending upon the nature of Coordination & monitoring of any AMC pertaining to ENTELLUS scope of work shall be done by us.
  • Efforts & suggestions will be made to reduce the AMC costs through alternate

Providing Operations & Technical Support

  • Manning for the Engineering services, continuous monitoring of calls and complaints, work allocation to shift technicians and follow up on work
  • Generation of reports for Maintenance, maintaining & analyzing equipment operation logs for
  • Implementing Preventive maintenance as per operation & maintenance
  • Co ordination & Monitoring of
  • Fire Safety & Equipment