Our Expertise


In the fast‐paced scenario, the need of apt and customized Security Services is soaring high. We at Entellus Security and Allied Services Pvt. Ltd. have a battery of fully trained Ex Servicemen and Civilian Chief Security Officer, Supervisors, Armed and Unarmed Guards for organizations as well as to look after our clients Personal Security. Our Comprehensive Security Training Package includes training of personnel on Handling and Usage of personal weapons besides Security Management, Fire Fighting, Crisis Management, First Aid etc. We provide assistance in three areas – Armed & Unarmed Security Guards, Electronic Safety & Security Solutions and Security Audit & Training. These services are being offered across varied sectors, which include petroleum, automobile, cement, chemical & industrial gases, airport, metals & mining, manufacturing & engineering, banking & financial services, sugar, real estate & construction, hospitality, pharmaceutical & healthcare, educational institutions, telecom, retail & entertainment, FMCGs and various other heavy and medium industries.
Armed & Unarmed Security Guards


This is a well‐known fact that the era of traditional security has gone. These days, the security of your organization requires a well‐ planned security program managed by professionals who can provide security by identifying dangers and providing for their elimination.

We offer highly reliable services for providing Armed & Unarmed Security Guards. Our team, at Entellus Security and Allied Services Pvt. Ltd., chooses the best Armed & Unarmed Security Guards only after testing them on several physical and intelligence parameters. Also, all the Armed & Unarmed Security Guards are fully trained and experienced. We can assure the customers that these Armed & Unarmed Security Guards will perform their assigned tasks with complete dedication and sincerity.

We offer choice of following types of Security Personnel

  • Unarmed Security Guard :
    Minimum height 5’7”, aged 21 ‐ 45 yrs, minimum matriculate, having completed 15 days training at our academy
  • Armed Security Guard :
    Minimum 5' 7", aged 24 ‐ 50 yrs, minimum matriculate, possession of valid gun license, having completed one week training as unarmed guard and one week training in firing and handling of personal weapon.
  • Security Supervisor :
    Minimum 5' 8", recruited from existing company strength after having proved supervisory capabilities or recruited directly by facing competition in case of ex‐serviceman, aged 30 ‐ 45 for civilians & 40 ‐ 50 yrs for ex‐serviceman, having done basic, instructional and field training at our academy.
  • Asstt. Security Officer :
    Essentially an ex‐army/ex‐ police personnel in order to bring to the job intrinsic understanding of security needs and procedures, Subedar/Subedar Major or equivalent rank, 40 – 55 yrs, having done basic, instructional, field training and office attachment program.
  • Security Officer/ Chief Security Officer:
    Essentially an ex‐ defence/ex‐police personnel with excellent communication persuasion and public‐speaking skills. Having a quick analytical mind and a decisive nature, can also acts as public spokesperson for all security‐related company issues. Plans and prioritize physical protection, emergency management planning or protect sensitive digital information. Retd. Major/Lt Col or equivalent rank, 40‐55 yrs, with multiple years of leadership experience, performs tasks related to r i sk assessment, c r i s i s management, personnel safety and facility security and may also create a security policy education program for employees.

Note :

Physical and mental agility, resourcefulness, responsiveness, service with smile and strict adherence to the code of conduct are the hallmarks of ENTELLUS team.


  • Rigid physical and educational standards while
  • Special recruitment to suit clients’ requirement like english speaking, computer literate, experience in fire fighting,
  • Medical
  • Stringent verification of antecedents, education and experience both by ENTELLUS investigating staff and police.

Selected after 2‐stage interview‐

  • First Interview : Aptitude test, Application form, Interview for
  • Second Interview : Physical test, Site suitability, Job

Three‐tier training i.e. basic/induction training, on the‐ job training and refresher training is carried out at ENTELLUS Training Academy.

  • 15 days intensive basic/induction
  • One week on‐the‐job training under instructor specially positioned at clients premises for the
  • Refresher training is conducted at regular intervals to keep all personnel a breast with the latest
Curriculum Includes

  • Physical training – Drill, PT, smartness &
  • Uniform, equipment & personal
  • Fire fighting & first
  • Code of conduct, public relations &
  • Gate duties, telephone duties, documentation, car parking & traffic
  • Escorting of
  • Search and frisking of persons, patrolling of
  • Crisis management, liaisons with police, fire brigade station
  • Electronic/Electrical gadgets, operation of generators, lifts, ATM machine
  • Covert & Overt intelligence

Electronic Safety & Security Solutions

We undertake Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning (D‐SITC) and AMC for the following systems

Fire Alarm System:

  • Manual including PA
  • Automatic ‐
  • Automatic ‐ Analogue
Access Control Systems :

  • Stand Alone as well as networkable
  • Software solutions available for Attendance Management and further extension to salary and HR
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) :

  • Specialist advice on on‐site survey and suggestion on best
  • Single system and full
  • Well‐known and competitive
Security Alarm Systems :

  • State‐of‐art and user‐friendly wireless and frequency hopping alarm
  • Door Contracts, Glass Break Detectors, Passive Infrared Detectors, Fire & Smoke Detectors, Panic Switches, etc with inbuilt auto dialer and speech processors to automatically ring up predetermined telephone number and pass a prerecorded message.
Other Security Equipment and Systems:

  • Parameter Protection Systems, Automatic Gates, Metal Detectors, Video Door Phones etc.

Security Audit & Training

We conduct audits of your security threats and perceptions and suggest a complete solution for you to know what compromises or calculated risks are being aceepted in your organization and to improve security through better systems, procedures or equipment.

Our professional team has extensive experience in helping our clients to design a total security solution, integrating electronics, human resources and security procedures. We constantly innovate new services and solutions to meet our customers ever changing requirements.

We also undertake provision of in‐house training to personnel of different organizations on demand by arranging training classes/seminars/ discussions for employees and management as well as conducting the workshops on different subject related to security.